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How long will it take for me to receive my microbiome analysis report?
From the time you return your sample, it typically takes 8-10 weeks to sequence and analyze your sample. If you are received a free kit as one of our early prospectors, we are continuing to move through the list and generate reports. We estimate to have all outstanding reports delivered by April 1 2018.

What happens to my microbiome sample once you receive it?
When we receive your microbiome sample, we will divide it into many small pieces then freeze it in tubes until a scientist buys it to do their cutting edge research. We will also send a sample to our microbiome sequencer, Cosmos ID, which is what we use to generate your custom microbiome analysis report.

Seriously, I have to collect a poop sample?
Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple. Easy step-by-step instructions will be included in your kit.

Oops, I spilled my coffee on my collection device. Now what?
Don’t panic, these things happen. We’ve included two BioCollectors in your kit in the event of a collection casualty!

How much money can I make by investing my poop in The BioCollective?
As research in the microbiome continues to grow, we expect that there will be increased demand by scientists for microbiome samples. At this time, we can’t promise just how big the demand will be. We expect an average poop will produce 20 smaller samples for research.